Water Quality as a Priority Area of Community Needs Assessment: Community Extension Service with the Indigenous Tribe of Hanunuo Mangyan in the Philippines

Asian Journal of Biological and Life Sciences,2020,9,2,220-226.
Published:September 2020
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Frederick R Masangkay1,3,*, Giovanni D Milanez1,3, Luzelle Anne GL Ormita2,3, Abel V Alvarez Jr.3, Myrna P Quinto4, Ferdianand F Lanestosa5, Lynda Christine V Diaz6, Paul Johnson6, Panagiotis Karanis7,8

1Department of Medical Technology, Far Eastern University-Manila, PHILIPPINES.

2Department of Psychology, Far Eastern University-Manila, PHILIPPINES.

3Community Extension Services, Far Eastern University-Manila, PHILIPPINES.

4Academic Development Office, Far Eastern University-Manila, PHILIPPINES.

5Teacher Education Department, Divine Word College of San Jose-Occidental, Mindoro, PHILIPPINES.

6Research and Quality Assurance Department, Divine Word College of San Jose-Occidental, Mindoro, PHILIPPINES.

7University of Nicosia Medical School, Department of Basic and Clinical Sciences, Nicosia, CYPRUS. 8University of Cologne, Faculty of Medical and University Hospital Cologne, GERMANY.


Gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms and diarrhoea are markers of intake of contaminated food and water. The present study aimed to establish water quality as a priority area in community needs assessment at the onset of Community Extension Service for indigenous communities. Dry and wet season water samples from six sampling sites were subjected to physico-chemical and microbiological analysis along with a one-year population survey (n=546) on GI symptoms and diarrhoea cases. All water sample results were non-potable based on national standards which collates with the high frequency of GI symptoms and diarrhoea in the indigenous community. Diarrhoea cases decreased after implementing a community raising-awareness program on Water Quality and Safety. The results of the present study demonstrated that water quality is a priority area in the community needs assessment of an indigenous community. Community awarenessraising programs proved effective in mitigating GI symptoms and diarrhoea through the boiling of water before consumption.