Anticancer Activity of Turbo brunneus, Cypraea annulus and Babylonia spirata on MCF-7 Cell Line

Asian Journal of Biological and Life Sciences,2021,10,1,118-122.
Published:May 2021
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

P Subavathy*, C Shibana

Department of Zoology, St. Mary’s College (Autonomous), Thoothukudi Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Abishekapatti, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.


Natural products have served as an important source of drugs since ancient times. Marine natural products isolated from molluscs have been tested for an extensive range of biological activities. Marine compounds are known to have a serious potential as anticancer drugs. The present study aims to assess the anticancer activity of three marine gastropods Turbo brunneus, Cypraea annulus and Babylonia spirata. The cytotoxic effects of experimental organisms were performed using MTT assay on MCF-7 cell line. The percentage of cell viability was found to be decreased with increasing concentration of the samples. The results of the present study revealed that T. brunneus, C. annulus and B. spirata showed potent cytotoxic activities against MCF-7 cell lines with IC50 values of 135.590 μg/ml, 412.2 μg/ml and 222.918 μg/ml respectively.