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A Study on Documentation and Market Acceptability of Underutilized Wild Edible Crops of Kohima District, Nagaland, India

Asian Journal of Biological and Life Science,2016,5,2,201-206.
Published:August 2016
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Chitta Ranjan Deb*, Neilazonuo Khruomo, Nangshimeren Saku Jamir

Department of Botany, Nagaland University, Lumami 798627, Nagaland, INDIA.


Underutilized Edible Crops (UEC) has the potential for contributing to food security (nutritional/medicinal), income generation yet they are under exploited. Underutilized crops play important role in the daily lives of the rural people of Kohima, Nagaland. The present study aimed at survey and collections of UEC in Kohuma district, Nagaland. A total of 56 species of UEC belonging to 32 families are collected and identified. Based on the survey it was found that of the collected and identified species, 26 of them were wild edible fruits, 2 cereals and 30 vegetables (young leaves, shoots, stem, leafy), 1 rhizome. The use of these crops and market acceptability are studied by surveying the different markets in Kohima district, Nagaland.