First Report of Candida tropicalis in Edible Freshwater Fish in the Philippines

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,2019,8,3,117-119.
Published:December 2019
Type:Short Communication
Author(s) affiliations:

Giovanni De Jesus Milanez, Mary Rose Ferrer Lirio, Bernardino Manikis Hagosojos, Frederick Ramirez Masangkay*

Department of Medical Technology, Institute of Arts and Sciences, Far Eastern University-Manila, Manila, PHILIPPINES.


In the course of establishing Free-Living-Amoeba (FLA) biodiversity from the intestines of edible freshwater fishes all over the Philippines, the presence of cyst-like structures in amoeba culture plates were observed, subjected to molecular identification and was later confirmed to be Candida tropicalis which is an emerging pathogenic yeast cell. This is the first report of a pathogenic yeast cell in an edible freshwater fish in the Philippines and is an important consideration as a possible source of fungal infection for humans, in particular individuals with immunocompromised status.