Oro-facial Clefting and Associated Risk Factors in Selected Families in General Santos City, Philippines

Asian Journal of Biological and Life Sciences ,2014,3,2,114-119.
Published:August 2014
Type:Original Research
Author(s) affiliations:

Florence Lasalita-Zapico*1,  Adrian Peńaflorida1, Catherine Hazel Aguilar1,  Lyn Jean Laniton1, Eillen Gay Palarpalar2

1Science Department, Mindanao State University-General Santos City,  The PHILIPPINES .

2General Santos City District Hospital, General Santos City, The PHILIPPINES. 


This paper presents family histories of ten families with newborn babies having non-syndromic cleft lip with/without cleft palate (CL/P). Through guided interviews, information about recurrence of CL/P within the families and potential risk factors were elicited. Pedigrees going back three generations were then constructed based on obtained data. Results of the study underscored the complex nature of CL/P expression with contributions from genetic and environmental factors. Conversations with families revealed potential risk factors such as advanced parental ages, indiscriminate use of antibiotics and over the counter drugs such as naproxen, paracetamol, ibuprofen and mefenamic acid for common ailments. X-ray irradiation, exposure to secondary smoke and chemicals in the workplace were also some of the identified risk factors. While results are inconclusive because of the small number of families interviewed, the study nonetheless presented baseline information of CL/P incidence in GSC where none is available. A larger sample size will result in better identification of risk factors and will help in the elucidation of the aetiology of CL/Pin General Santos City.